How to send us your Five Element walking videos

We’d be delighted to take a look at your Five Element walking videos.

To send us your walk:

  1. Make sure you do not have any clothing that hangs down over your lower body (tuck in your shirt or take your jacket off).
  2. Make sure you are not wearing big boots, Uggs, Birkenstocks, or flip-flops. Your shoes should allow you to talk your normal gait.
  3. Make sure you have a sufficient corridor to walk, outdoors is best.
  4. Take your first video. Walk away from the camera at your normal pace, turn around, and then walk back towards the camera. Stop the video (shorter videos are easier to send via email).
  5. Next take your second video. Walk away from the camera at a fast pace, like your late for a meeting (but without running or skipping). Turn around and return at that pace.
  6. Send them to us via email (info AT or via Facebook Messenger. Join our Facebook Group ( and post your videos or send them via messenger.