011 How to Get High with a Little Help from Yourself | Journey to Your Higher Self

Number Eleven is perfection plus One. Do you keep your own word with yourself? Are you accountable to yourself? Listen to the Journey to your higher self meditation. Learn to trust and listen to your higher self.

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

“The fight in you can’t be present to really meet your spirit and have a conversation with it.”

In our conversation this time we talk about:

  • The Number 11 – Perfection plus 1 – The number of transformation and mutation
  • Commune with your true self
  • Presence Process by Michael Brown
  • Personal Integrity – Keeping your word with yourself
  • Accountability – It’s about putting your big girl pants on
  • Journey to Your Higher Self meditation – Practice this meditation after you start to feel more at ease in your life (see below to sign up to listen to this meditation).

Thought Quotes:

“If everything stayed the same, we’d go crazy with boredom.”
“We get born to experience our trials and tribulations so we can grow and evolve.”

“Presence is not trying to get what you want but trusting that what you want is coming to you… There’s got to be some peace inside you that means you’re truly in the Now moment.”

“The accountability of having to answer to yourself. It’s about putting your big girl pants on.”

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