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The Inspired Action podcast is for anyone interested in creating more balance in life, understanding your Five Element energetic natures, finding the path of greatest ease, releasing the baggage of this lifetime or discovering ancient Alchemy that can help you truly fly in your life.  Listen in as the authors of The Energy of Love and Connecting your Circle, Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman have fast-pasted, lively, sometimes funny and inspiring conversations and interviews about finding balance and loving your life more through ancient Chinese Medicine philosophies, The Five Elements, Wu Wei, Alchemy, Daoism, Transformation, Life Coaching, Eckhart Tolle, The Matrix, Gandalf, Abraham, Jeffrey Yuen and more … it’s all about having more fun in your life and living as authentically as you can today! We hope what inspires us, will inspire you! Join us on this Alchemical, transformational journey. Thank you for subscribing to this podcast. We look forward to seeing you in the #InspiredActionPodcast community.

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050 Happy on the Way to Happiness

Do you ever feel happy but think there must be more? What is the fundamental way that each Element can find happiness inside them? Each Element has a slightly different way to achieve their maximum po…

041 Show Me the Money! – The Wealth Palace

Become limitless. Wealth is a mindset of abundance. The Wealth Palace (also called the Abundance palace) can affect all the palaces. How many decisions a day do you make based on money? Does your happ…

039 For Better Sleep… Let That Bleep Go!

Are you getting what you need in the sleep department? Are you struggling with daily bad sleep habits? Listen as we talk more about the 9 Palaces, the Health Palace, and how Sleep is important to your…

038 What the Health is Still Going On? (Part 2)

Is your Health important to you? Why do you do things to yourself that are not always healthy? Do you even want to live a healthy life? What is Clean Eating, and how can you do it more? Can you choose…

037 What the Health is Going On?

Are you in Perfect health? Are you obsessed with every detail of what you eat, wear, or do for exercise? Or do you barely pay attention to those details? What is keeping you from perfect health? How t…

035 LOVE | Want It, Find It, Keep It!

Do you want an extra ordinary relationship? It’s all about loving yourself first. Better relationships start HERE. “This is all about you. All capitals… Y-O-U!“ By Jaye McElroy…

033 Positive Action Speaks Louder than Words

Can you be Honest with yourself? Honesty is your first step to your DIY Life Strategy. Can you hold yourself Accountable?  What will change in your life if YOU don’t change?  Is it Tim…

032 Can you Coach Yourself to Happy?

What is an Alchemical Life Strategist? Can you DIY as a Coach and do you EVEN want to?  Are you dabbling or are you ALL IN – in your own life? Can you ask yourself the tough questions? R…

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