016 Dare to be Different | The Water Five Element Pod

Do you feel your life is in a constant “hurry up and wait” mode ? Are you chill? Are you intense? Do you hate labels when describing yourself? Are you sometimes silly and playful for no reason? Do you like to laugh and make other people laugh? Are you secretly a safety monitor in fun activities? Are you a wiggler or foot tapper? Do you love to take naps? Do you have your own sense of style? The Water Element is the Master of the Wu Wei. Listen to this POD and see if you have Water in your top 2 Elemental spots.

“Imagine you could actually catch a shooting star…wait all night long with your eyes peeled, no blinking is allowed, and then at that moment when it starts to go, you have to reach out and grab it in an instant.”

 By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

In this Pod’s conversation, we talked about:

  • Hurry up and wait Water philosophy…
  • Water is about energy and its expenditure…
  • It’s an immense unstoppable energy, until it is drained…
  • A meandering river always finds its way to the ocean…
  • Water doesn’t have to take one path down the mountain at a time…
  • Water is the most varied of all the elements…
  • Waters are bold and courageous. They are trendsetters…
  • When making decisions, they can feel pressured. They can freeze. It’s one of the biggest challenges for Water.



Thought Quotes:

“If Water is going to do something, they do it all the way.”
“Spaz if you want to.” — N.E.R.D

 “Cars for Water people can be chaos on wheels.”

Links in this Episode:


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