The Thirteen Appearances

The following poem explains the natural way of life, from conception of an idea to it becoming a reality, whether it’s a good idea that comes to you suddenly or conception of a human life.

The Thirteen Appearances poem is taken from the translation in Rooted in Spirit: The Heart of Chinese Medicine by Claude LarreS. J. Rochat de la Vallee and Elisabeth Rochat de la Vallee.

  1. Heaven within me is virtue
  2. Earth within me is the breaths.
  3. Virtue flows down, The Breaths expand, And there is life.
  4. The coming forth of living beings indicates the essences.
  5. The embrace of the two essences indicates the spirits.
  6. That which follows the spirits faithfully in their going and coming indicates the hun.
  7. That which associates with the essences in their exiting and entering indicates the po.
  8. When something takes charge of the beings we speak of the heart.
  9. When the heart applies itself, we speak of intent.
  10. When intent becomes permanent, we speak of will.
  11. When the persevering will changes, we speak of thought.
  12. When thought extends itself powerfully and far, we speak of reflection.
  13. When reflection can have all beings at its disposal, we speak of knowing-how.