009 What Is Your Heart’s Desire? | Asking May Take Time

Moving in your life — from KNOWING what you want… to DOING what you want– requires understanding your heart’s desire. Do you feel like you want to make big changes in your life? Are you truly passionate about what you want with your life? Do you have the will and the willpower to achieve it? Listen to our conversation about the 9 Worm Holes, Alchemy, The Thirteen Ghost Points, Systemic “Internal Dragons” Heart Blocks and more. We also discuss an ancient Chinese poem that explains how the “will” to do what you want requires access to your heart and its passion. Do you have access to your own heart? By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

“The spark from your heart leads you down the road to discovery.”

Some of the concepts we cover are:

  • The Nine Wormholes – a faster track to enlightenment
  • Mid-Life Crisis – it’s a transition
  • Developing the Will to do what you really want
  • Bucket Lists – Just dreams or achievable ideas?
  • Your Heart’s Desire – You feel it in your soul
  • Famous Chinese poem – The Thirteen Appearances
  • Heart Pain – why some people struggle to access their heart
  • Systemic Heart Blocks – also called “Internal Dragons” used for clearing heart pain
  • The Thirteen Ghost points – when you’re haunted by the past
  • Loving Yourself Treatment – good for when a person has heart pain and addictions
  • Letting go of the past – forgiving people who have hurt you or forgiving yourself for things you’ve done


Thought Quotes:

“When you put things off for years and years and years, the kids go off to college, and you’re stuck with your life.”

“You may have come up with a lot of good ideas about what you really want, but they’re just ideas.”

“If you have 30 things on your bucket list, wonderful, but they’re just ideas. You have to sit and ask yourself, ‘Does this dream really resonate with me… do I want to invest my time and energy in this idea?’”

“You want to feel it in your soul. You want your heart to accept it and feed it.”


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