048 Get Schooled on Your Kids! Five Elements Q&A

Is your child having trouble in school or at home? Have you thought about medication or used it with not-so- great results? In our society today, schools can be tough for all of the Five Elements to maneuver through. Home life and school life can often lead to confusion for students, parents, teachers and all those who want to make a real difference in your kid’s life. In this “educational” episode, we have special guest Mia Gray, a school adjustment counselor, who has been practicing the Five Element theories with her students for years!

“In this society, what falls into normal is very narrow.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

  • Wood children understanding things fast, getting bored easily, and needing leadership roles
  • How to help Fire children to be social and their mood swings
  • Earth children having more trouble at home than in school, and why Earth children can get teased and sometimes bullied
  • Why Metal children listen without looking and can sometimes feel like outsiders
  • Why Water children might be the most misunderstood and their need for movement

Thought Quotes:

“Waters have too much attention, it’s just not focused on you.”

“Metals don’t get a bad rap, but a weird rap.”

“Help Earths to be their authentic selves.”

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