108 – What’s Your Vibe? Discover and Find your Inner Divine DJ

Have you ever had a song unexpectedly play that touches your soul at just the right moment in time? Are you curious about how music, vibrations, and the Five Elements are interconnected? Do you want to explore the concept of your own personal Divine DJ and how it can enhance your Alchemy?

Join Leta and Jaye as they discuss the vibrational powers and the energetic nature of music and how you can find and access your own Divine DJ, a cosmic force that tunes into the rhythms of your soul.

Whether you’re seeking inspiration or looking to elevate your everyday experience, this Pod will leave you inspired, empowered, and ready to unleash the harmonious magic that resides within you. Join the conversation and let your inner Divine DJ spin the soundtrack of your life and find your own Sound of Music inside of you!

Show Notes:

“The Divine Dj isn’t just spinning tunes for the lyrics, but also for the healing sound of the music. Because the Five Elements also apply to music.”

  • What is the Divine DJ?
  • How the Divine DJ works in a treatment?
  • How each song can have an Elemental Energy type
  • How the Divine DJ provides validation and synchronicities during treatments
  • Using the Divine DJ concept for self-discovery and engaging with the Five Elements in music

“Every song can have an Element and sometimes a number of Elemental Energies when the band is made up of a number of different elemental energetic types.”


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