120 – Metal Secrets Unveiled

If you resonate with a strong cosmic connection, a sense of magic in life, authenticity, sincerity with a STRONG BS detector… you may align with the magnetic Metal Elemental Energy. On this podcast, we might tell a few little shiny “secrets” about the Metal Element of the Five Elements of Chinese Medicine and Philosophy… Join us to explore the enigmatic Metal Element within all of us! Celebrities like Taylor Swift, Angelina Jolie, John Lennon, Queen Elizabeth, Lana Del Ray and Meryl Streep exemplify Metal traits, making them popular figures in popular culture. Listen wherever you find your podcasts!

“Metal is almost a contradiction in terms within itself…”

In this episode, we discuss:

01:29 The Inherent Contradictions within the Metal Element

02:59 The Metal Element’s Connection with Death and Legacy

08:22 The Magic Carpet Ride of Life

25:53 The Metal Element’s Connection with Music and Art

29:47 Spotting a Metal Person in the Wild

32:37 The Regal Walk: Angelina Jolie and Queen Elizabeth

33:34 The Metal Element’s X-Ray Vision

34:28 The Voice of Metal: Eeyore and the Art of Descending Speech

39:13 Famous Metal People: From Hollywood to Music

43:21 The Challenges of Being a Metal Element

47:35 What Metals Want Most in Life: Value, Respect, and Appreciation

49:34 The Evolution of Metal: Self-Respect and Service to Others

53:49 Compatibility of Metal with Other Elements

55:03 Celebrating the Strength and Beauty of Metal

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