121 – Water Secrets… Leaked

Jump into the whimsical and wondrous energtic deep end of the Water Element world with Leta and Jaye. From “move it-move it” to couch potato energy-preservation (a.k.a. doing something when they are doing nothing mode) to superhuman stamina, and from extreme procrastination to excelling in the art of crisis management, the fluid nature of Water does it all!

In this podcast you can learn about Water’s need for movement and stillness, their secret longing to matter, their fear of confrontation, and their quest for knowledge and wisdom. Listen in and embrace the majestic and mysterious forces of your inner Water — and find your own Wu Wei of life.

00:18 Diving Deep into the World of Water
01:54 Movement, Stillness, and Stamina
07:45 From Inertia to Inventory Control
27:05 The Thrill of Anticipation: Water’s Realm of Possibilities
29:58 Exploring the Depths of Water: Drama, Trauma, and Wisdom
30:25 Crisis Management and the Unpredictable Nature of Water
31:46 Procrastination and Pressure
33:26 Seeking Intensity and Adventure
36:16 Decision Making and the Fear of Confrontation
44:30 Identifying Water 
51:51 Celebrity Waters
54:26 Understanding What Water Truly Desires
57:10 Embracing your Water Element

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