122 – The-Not-So-Ordinary-Extraordinary Vessels (with guest) Ann Cecil-Sterman

Listen in as Leta has a lively conversation with Chinese Medicine Practitioner and Healer Ann Cecil-Sterman as they delve into a number of intriguing Chinese Medicine topics! Ann Cecil-Sterman

The mystery of life within us is something quite extraordinary! Leta and Ann explore the Eight Extraordinay Vessels of Chinese Medicine and their profound connections to Alchemical Chinese Medicine…and beyond.

Ann is an extraordinary person in her own right! She’s also a practitioner who graciously shares her deep wisdom with us. For further insights into Ann’s expertise, visit her page here.

In this conversation, we discuss:

03:51 The Unusual and Alchemical
05:25 The Eight Extraordinary Vessels
06:12 The Mystical Origins and Impact of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels
40:13 The Healing Power of the Eight Extraordinary Vessels
53:04 Reflecting on the Journey and Looking Ahead


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