123 – Big and Bigger: Wood’s Yin and Yang Aspects

Listen in as Leta and Jaye explore the vitality, versatility, and vibrant nature of Wood—revealing a few of its Yin and Yang aspects, and the dynamic roles of the Visionary and the Implementer Wood types. They share some insights from Chinese medicine, humorous anecdotes, and real-world examples, as this episode tries to demystifies the complex characteristics of Wood, offering listeners a fresh perspective on growth, adaptability, and the potential for transformation in their own lives. Spring forth and be Big and Bigger in your Woody life!

01:58 Introducing the Yin Yang Aspects of Each Element
08:18 Exploring the Yin and Yang of Wood
15:45 Implementing Visions: The Wood Element’s Challenge
24:47 Understanding the Continuum of Wood Types
28:38 The Dynamic Duo: Visionary and Implementer in Action
30:25 Wood Couples: Visionaries and Implementers Together
30:35 Exploring Visionary and Implementer Dynamics
31:36 Casting a Visionary Movie: A Fun Digression
30:35 Understanding Yin and Yang Body Types
32:50 The Visionary Diet: Chocolate and Caffeine
34:27 Implementer’s Nutritional Needs and DIY Beef Jerky
47:35 The Essence of Wood Energy in Coaching and Leadership
47:35 Navigating Life as a Wood Type: Challenges and Strategies
53:33 Celebrating Wood’s Growth and Hope

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