124 – Lighthouse of Love: Fire’s Yin and Yang Aspects – Part One

Have you Mastered the Art of the Open Heart? Join Leta and Jaye as they explore the many nuances of the Fire element through the lenses of Chinese Medicine and Chinese Numerology. Discover how Fire, unlike the other Elements, manifests in four dynamic types, each embodying distinct yin and yang aspects. This episode  dives deep into the heart of Fire’s complexity with insights into achieving authentic self-expression and balance.

When you’re feeling more inward, it’s not because you’ve been hurt and you’re protecting yourself. It’s because you’re feeling quiet and connecting more internally. And when you’re feeling more outward, we say that you’re allowing the circulation of your spirits. You’re allowing the light to shine, and you’re interacting with the rest of the world.

01:07 Unpacking the Fire Element
01:17 The Four Types of Fire: A Deep Dive
01:43 Yin and Yang Across Elements
01:56 Fire’s Unique Characteristics
02:38 The Significance of the Numbers 10, 11, and 12 in Chinese Numerology
08:20 Elemental Traits
09:03 Understanding Socializers and Social Anxiety
15:18 Exploring the Heart and Pericardium
19:57 The Yang Aspects of Fire: The Socializer and the Supreme Sorter
21:57 Pericardium and Triple Heater Continuum
22:36 Diving Deep into the Pericardium Type

25:31 Addressing Fire Element Challenges
27:16 Understanding the Triple Heater: The Socializer’s Struggle
31:26 Navigating Vulnerability and Social Dynamics
32:33 The Art of the Open Heart
39:49 Challenges and Growth for Fire Element Types
43:36 Embracing Your Inner Light 

The Circulation Sex Official is when you’re allowing that free flow of the spirit to come out of the heart, which is the Illuminator’s job. The spirit is what It actually animates our bodies.


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