127 – Poop or Consequences – Minister of Breath 🌬️ or Poopy Gem Finder 💩💎 – Which are You?

Take a magic carpet ride into the realm of Metal! 🌟 Explore the yin & yang aspects of the Metal Element (Lungs to Colon), and the delicate balance of connection and loss. Tune in now! 🎧✨ #InspiredActionPodcast #FiveElements #Metal

Discover the critical differences between the Lung, acting as the ‘Minister of Breath’, and the Colon, the ‘Recycler/Gem Finder’. 

08:19 Understanding Metal: Connection and Loss
13:24 The Role of the Lung Minister
24:20 Metal’s Duality: Strength and Malleability
34:47 Understanding Metal Personalities
35:39 The Fragility and Strength of Metals
37:25 Metals in Different Cultures
38:34 The Role of the Lungs
39:07 The Bureaucratic Nature of Metals
42:35 The Large Intestine: The Conveyer Belt
48:03 The Spiritual Aspect of the Large Intestine
50:15 Challenges for Metals
01:00:29 Interacting with Metals


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