115 – Qioloical’s Michael Max interview on Alchemy & Practical Magic

Join us for an introspective discussion with Michael Max, the host of Qiological, on different types of change: Bian-type change (slow and incremental) vs. Hua-type change (faster and Alchemical).

In addition to being the inquisitive host of Qiological, Michael Max has had a clinical acpuncture practice for over 20 years. He studied and traveled extensively in China and Taiwan.

NOTE: You can listen to the previous conversation between Leta and Michael on Qiological, episode #329.

In this interview, Leta and Michael talked about:

  • Having a curious mind and an inquisitive heart
  • Deep listening to clients
  • Transformation and the psycho spiritual bypass
  • Tian/Di/Ren (Heaven/Earth/(Human) and Jing/Qi/Shen (Essences/Energy/Spirit)
  • The Dao that can be told…
  • Earth – the mud ball
  • Coursing the wind and how to navigate change
  • The Nine Palaces – and the 4 Domino palaces: Career/Relationship/Health/Wealth
  • Palace of Abundance
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Dampness and ignorance
  • Jerry Colonna: “How have I been complicit in creating the conditions I say I don’t want?”
  • Humming with Elephants by Sabine Wilms (#amazonaffiliate)
  • BianHua – two types of change
  • Hua Shan – the Alchemists’ mountain
  • What is Wisdom?
  • Heart/Kidney Communication
  • The technician vs. the shaman
  • Pracitical magic and Bian-type magic
  • Living into your magic
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