125 – Is Your Heart Flying or Lying? – Fire’s Yin and Yang Aspects Part Two

Can you fully be yourself… without apology? This episode dives deep into the Heart (Supreme Controller) and Small Intestine (Supreme Sorter) and how these two factors help all of us sort and understand the world around us and whether things are in alignment with who we really are. Leta and Jaye continue to examine how Fire, unlike the other Elements, manifests in four dynamic types, each embodying distinct yin and yang aspects.

00:21 Diving Deep into the Fire Element
00:29 Exploring the Yin and Yang of Fire
08:03 Understanding the Heart Types
17:11 The Supreme Controller: Embracing the Heart’s Power
29:33 The Heart as a Mirror: Reflecting Authenticity
30:27 The Mirror Effect: Understanding Heart People
30:53 The Burden of Being a Heart Person
31:13 Seeking Authenticity: The Heart’s Desire
31:54 A Psychic’s Superpower
33:47 Navigating Chaos: The Heart’s Challenge
44:27 The Alchemist: Transforming Chi
54:39 The Art of the Heart: Embracing Stillness
54:39 The Challenge of Being
“When something takes charge of the beings, we speak of the Heart” – from Rooted in Spirit, by Claude Larre and Elizabeth Rochat de la Vallee
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