018 What the Bleep’s on Third | The Five Element Nightmare Scenario

Are you sometimes the life of the pity party? Do you love to play the blame game? Are you Mrs. or Mr. Martyr? Ever feel like Eeyore on a bad day? Do you know how to avoid your worst nightmare scenario? Learn to recognize these “states” and shift out of them. Instead, think outside the box, shine your love into the world, receive all the gifts coming your way, hold your head high, and access universal energy. Use your Five Elements! Become your authentic self. “Nobody loves me everybody hates me, I think I’ll go out and eat worms.”  By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod’s conversation, we talked about:

  • 7 is the number of potential
  • The Third Element is your worst nightmare…Know how to avoid your nightmare scenarios.
  • The worst of each Element
  1. The Wood Blame Game
  2. The Fire Life of the Pity Party
  3. The Earth Martyr
  4. The Metal Eeyore Syndrome
  5. The Water Hysteria Emergency
  • The Third helps you remember who you really are.
  • Make friends with your second Element. You’ll be able to utilize it, and never go into the Third Element.
  1. Wood second – thinking outside the box, break through the obstacles
  2. Fire second – open yourself to all the love in the world, shine your own love out to the world
  3. Earth second – receive all the gifts coming your way, Look for the help that’s already supporting you
  4. Metal second – remember you are worth it, hold your head high
  5. Water second – remember you have access to all the energy in the universe
  • Connecting Your Circle – become a realized human being.

Thought Quotes: “Essentially, your authentic self isn’t just your first element. It’s all three. Learning how to use them is your advantage. It’s the way you move through the world. And they’re the cornerstone of your core authentic self.” “The Third element comes to your rescue when you’re really down and out.“ “The best thing to do is just avoid it… Well, that’s it. Show’s over. Just avoid it, stay happy all the time. Our work is done.”

“No one can tolerate being around someone who is stuck in their third. Basically they’re saying you’re hard to be around.”

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