019 Energetically Road Tripping Together | Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Directions

Are you just coasting in your life? Just going to work, coming home, eating food, watching TV and going to bed… Rinse and Repeat? Or… Are you COASTING and living the life you truly want where everything just lands in your lap? Easy. Stage One of Alchemy is about Creating Ease in your life. Stage Two of Alchemy is all about Letting Go of the baggage in your life.  When you’re inspired to make these changes in your life, things will shift. “If you’re on a road trip, what do you need?  A road map. So let’s make a road map for everyone including ourselves so we know where we’re going… I think we have an idea of where we’re going, but you never know. We get good ideas. We get suggestions. We stop and think about things. It’s…a collaboration.”  By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod’s conversation, we talked about:

  • What we’ve done so far in the podcast
  • Creating an energetic road map

    —Pods 1-4 … great summary of key concepts     —Pods 6-11 … Stage One of Alchemy     —Pods 12-18 … The Five Elements

  • Transition from Stage 1 to Stage 2… When life feels easy, and you’ve given up the need to fight… it’s time to move onto Stage 2.
  • If you’re still doing Stage 1, keep listening for motivation, so you can remember where you’re headed and there’s no rush
  • Stage 2 is about dumping your bag of heart pains… letting them go.
  • Not all elemental types can do traditional sitting meditation
  • Your whole life could be good. The Life is Good the T-Shirt company is an Alchemical Company.
  • Homework: no complaining for one hour. If you’re already doing that, let’s go for one day of no complaining, and when you master that, go for one week of no complaining. Observe those around you and see if they are complainers or supporters.

Thought Quotes: “We are on this energetic road trip together. We’re kind of road tripping it here. We’re going on new roads and finding new ways to get to where we want to go.” “What is self-cultivation from the Daoist perspective? This podcast can motivate and self-empower you with the goal of living a happier, authentic, more fulfilled life.” “Alchemy is about parting the veil and choosing to walk the Alchemy road. It’s choosing to take your attention away from your current life and start to pay attention to yourself, what you want, and where you want to go with this life. It’s about willing to think deeply about who you are and what you want.” “People get stuck on the hamster wheel, and they forget what it’s like to have their own thoughts and their own emotions. They need to start thinking about themselves and their own minds.” Links in this Episode:


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