020 The Mystery of Meditation | You can do it!

Do you have difficulty meditating? Do you have the dreaded “monkey mind”? What kind of meditator are you?  You can stop feeling like the square peg in a round hole if you can not do “traditional” meditation.  Everyone and anyone can learn to meditate. In this Pod, we are taking the mystery out of meditation. We explain Daoist meditation practices according to the Five Elements. There is a meditation style for every Element! We also explore the Four Stages of Meditation, which includes Levitation. We talk about Thich Nhat Hanh’s Walking Meditation as an alternative you might love to try. “Visualization is a technique that helps you get into meditation because you’re using your own mind to distract yourself from your monkey mind thoughts.”  By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod’s conversation, we talked about:

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  • Taking the mystery out of meditation
  • The four stages of meditation:
  • Relaxation
  • Concentration
  • Meditation
  • Levitation
  • Distance healing, a form of projection
  • Gangaji – stop your life story. Listen to an audio download: The Invitation. Or watch Gangaji on YouTube.
  • Distractions
  • Decluttering your mind
  • Prayer vs. Affirmations – Abraham-Hicks
  • Meditations for the 5 elements.
  • Wood – visualization with goal
  • Fire – visualizating bright light
  • Earth – analyzing the mind
  • Metal -breath work and traditional emptying mind also lying down
  • Water – standing or walking meditation

Thought Quotes: “If you try to meditate and you just try to do one type of meditation… if you try to put a square peg in a round hole, it’s not going to fit, you have to find the fit for you. So if you can figure out your element, and you can figure out different kinds of meditations that fit you. You kind a give yourself a break.” “The days I meditate, I have a much happier, calmer day. If I meditate the very first thing of the day, there’e no chance I’ll skip it.” Links in this Episode:


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