022 The Best Protection is No Protection | Stage Two of Alchemy

“We’ve all had negative experiences, and when it’s all said and done, we swear that we never, ever, ever want to have that experience again…and sometimes it still happens again!” By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod’s interview, we talked about:

  • Stage Two: Talisman (like an amulet a person might wear on their chest to ward off evil). In Stage Two of Alchemy, you become the amulet.
  • Frodo’s armor–Even the strongest armor can be pierced!
  • Being impenetrable like Helm’s Deep is good for a battle, but not for a human being trying to have a loving and kind, beautiful life.
  • Do you have the Great Wall of China around your heart? If you’ve built the great wall inside yourself, you’re probably stuck inside yourself. This is called the Internal Devils in Chinese Medicine.
  • Be the Tai Chi Master: If someone throws a punch at the Tai Chi Master, the master moves effortlessly out of the line of attack, and the attacker falls on the ground. Think Yoda.
  • Stone Medicine for opening your chest. Rose quartz from Madagascar.

Thought Quotes: “Internal Devils is  like you have cellophane wrapped around your heart. People can see in and you can see out, but there’s no access. You can’t really make a connection.” “Your loving yourself is the secret to the best protection is no protection. There you cracked that open. I’m glad we didn’t mic drop at the beginning.” Links in this Episode:


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