024 Being Limitless in Your Life

Are you the one putting limits on yourself? What is your unique perspective on life? How do you move energetically through the world? If you were a plant out in world… what kind of plant would you be?  Are you a summer rose, giant oak, honeysuckle, or office cactus? “You’re born with an intrinsic nature that gives you own unique perspective on life. It’s basically different from many other people you see in the world. Your perspective and your temperament is at work, and so you see things, and say, “I don’t like that or I don’t do it that way, I like to do it my way.” By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod’s interview, we talked about:

  • Your Intrinsic nature – Everyone has a more yin or more yang nature.
  • Be like Bradley Morra in the movie Limitless minus the pills
  • Being todolist-less
  • Plant energetics – What kind of plant are you?
    • Acorn (water) full of potential, waiting for just the right moment
    • Little sprout (wood) – strong and unstoppable
    • A big beautiful peony flower (fire) – opening up shyly showing its beauty to the world
    • Mother apricot tree (earth) – given the gifts of nourishment to those around you
    • Wandering leaf (metal) – excited to ride a magic carpet ride of life

Thought Quotes:  “It’s inherent in our nature to appreciate the things that are like us and have difficulty with the things that are not like us.” “Confucius believed you should work really hard to be a good member of society. He espoused these values that are all about being a good member of society, which wasn’t really good for an individual in the community.”   “We don’t need a todo list anymore… life kind of flows. It’s spontaneous… I don’t try to force myself to do anything that doesn’t feel good or isn’t inspired. You’d hardly recognize me these days. I hardly use lists now. I used to be list crazy…” Links in this Episode:

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