025 Walk the Walk (and Laugh outloud)

Five Element fun! The Walks, the talks, the looks, and the smells… we want you to experience it all! Discover how all the elements look in the real world. Are you a penguin marching in combat boots? Do you have champagne bubbles in your step? Buddha Belly? Puppet on a string? Just skating along?  Listen and learn – and then feel them! “When I teach people to feel the Five Element energies in their bodies, they learn them so much faster.” By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod’s interview, we talked about:

  • The Walks –
    • Wood – “You don’t really have hips or knees. It looks like you’re marching in a formation. Maybe we will make it cuter. Think of penguins marching. Think of an army of a thousand penguins marching with combat boots. Now that’s a visual you won’t get anywhere else because penguins like big shoes. And Woods like big shoes.”
    • Fire – “You can fake a fire walk by lifting your heels up. If you do it more like helium is lifting you up from the top, then it will look like a real fire walk. In fact, your butt should wiggle a little bit. We call it the butt wiggle, just from the motion of the bounce.”
    • Earth – “I want you stick out your buddha belly. I want you to rub that belly, really lovingly, daringly feel how you feel when you put all that energy there. You want to relax, you want to slow down, you want to be grounded… In fact, you know what? Take off your shoes… Earth people love to be barefoot.”
    • Metal – “Imagine a string tied to the top of your head, and its holding your head up, and you’re dangling from the string like a puppet… Let your hands and your arms feel floppy and loose. Think of Pinocchio on a string, kind of dangling. Lift your head and your nose, like you’re a little snooty Pinocchio, and then you try to start to walk, but fluidly, not like its your first day on puppet strings.”
    • Water – “Imagine tons of energy in your lower back. Feel it in your kidneys. Imagine you have two Harley Davidson engines in your low back, revving. Vroom vroom, and push your hips forward. Your feet just barely leave the ground. Waters don’t scuff their feet, unless they’re wearing Uggs, let’s remember the Uggs days when it was really hard to tell Waters. We had to make them take off their Uggs.”

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