027 What’s Your Five Element Double Stuff?

Find out where you fall on the Five Element continuum of yin and yang as we discuss the double-stuff theory. Are you a Picard or a Riker? Are you a sorter or a thinker? “Everything in Chinese Philosophy goes deeper than the surface.” By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

    • The yin and yang of each element – Oreo double stuff.  Each meridian of the body has an organ and an element.
      • Yang – more active/doing and processing
      • Yin – more quiet and stores something
    • Body types – Yang types are thinner and bonier; Yin types are a bit fleshier and rounder
    • Every person is on a continuum from yin to yang.
    • Wood
      • Gall Bladder/yang – makes the todo lists and delegates the plans 
      • Liver/yin – stores big plans and vision
    • Earth
      • Stomach/yang – hardworking, digesting thoughts and analyzing
      • Spleen/yin – present and listening, philosophical, storing big ideas
    • Metal
      • Colon/yang – talkers, finding the gems in the garbage, recyclers
      • Lungs/yin – holds awareness and being of service
    • Water
      • Bladder/yang – active fast waters, constant motion
      • Kidney/yin – slower waters, holding your ambition
    • Fire
      • Heart/yin – quieter and holds the spirit, supreme controller, the mirror to everyone else’s soul
      • Small Intestine/yang – very active processing and sorting, the ear of the heart
      • Heart Protector/yin – more sensitive and vulnerable
      • Triple Heater/yang – more outgoing, loves parties and people

Thought Quotes: “The most important part of waste disposal is making sure that nothing good gets thrown away. Kind of like looking for the diamonds in the crap.” “If you eat a banana, you’re not actually going to digest every part of that banana, in fact very little of it. A lot of it is going to get pooped out….what are the things we can take and utilize …the small intestine is in charge of that.” “The heart is your emperor, the master controller of you. And it needs a sidekick. And that sidekick is the small intestine. We like to call it the ear of the heart. It is literally listening to everything around you, constantly evaluating whether it’s good or bad… and the small intestine knows the song of the heart.” “There’s a real difference between holding a vision and having ambition. They sound the same but Waters are open to all possibilities whereas Woods pick a point and heads to it.” Links in this Episode:

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