037 What the Health is Going On?

Are you in Perfect health? Are you obsessed with every detail of what you eat, wear, or do for exercise? Or do you barely pay attention to those details? What is keeping you from perfect health? How to shift your identity in your Health Palace.  How to find a balance that works for YOU with all this conflicting information out in the world.  Is it time to have this conversation…with yourself?

“Laughter is the best medicine. Life doesn’t have to always be serious. “

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

  • Health is the domino palace — if your Health goes down all of your palaces start to fall
  • Change your identity, combat the Lizard Brain. Jim Fortin’s approach.
  • Floating downstream – Release Rebellious Qi meditation (see Inspired Action App for free download). The acu-point for Rebellious Qi is called “Not At Ease” (Stomach 19).
  • Doable strategies for change, not stressful strategies
    • Say mantra to yourself, “I’m in perfect health” and manifest perfect health. It’s not a prayer, it’s not a wish, it’s an affirmation: “I am in perfect health.”
    • What do you resonate with? What are you in alignment with?
    • Take a look at your overall healthy choices. Are you eating the way you want to eat or are you waiting for that perfect world for Oprah’s personal chef to knock on your door? Are you drinking enough water? Are you sleeping well? What do you really want do to nourish your body? Are you thriving or surviving?

Thought Quotes:

“People are either super obsessed with Health or they don’t think about it at all. And they take it for granted. Which is sometimes the better way to be. Because if you’re not thinking about it at all then that means you’re in good health”

“Carpal tunnel was created by the universe to kick people out of jobs that they hate in the first place. They hate their job therefore their body kind of goes rogue.”

“Now that it’s February it’s a good time to have one of these real conversations with yourself about what’s really achievable and an easy path to change.”

“Modern science is full of conflicting ideas and we’re terrified of doing something wrong.”

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