038 What the Health is Still Going On? (Part 2)

Is your Health important to you? Why do you do things to yourself that are not always healthy? Do you even want to live a healthy life? What is Clean Eating, and how can you do it more? Can you choose to make changes? Why the Health Palace really matters?

“If you ask 10 people what to eat, you’re going to get 10 different answers. “

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

  • The Health Palace belongs to the Wood Element – the element of decision making
  • The Water Element is about doubt and fear or Trust with a capital “T”
  • Simple strategies… what are the healthy options?
  • When you cook yourself, you get to pick your own ingredients. Cooking with clean ingredients…
  • Clean eating – eliminating processed foods. Eating more healthy vegetables, fruits, local meats, organic. Eliminating dyes and additives… taking the crap out that’s not needed. Reading ingredient labels.
  • Identifying your food allergies.
  • Doing research about a lot of different foods.
  • Eating nutrient dense food and counting your macros. 
  • Meat substitutes or gluten-free substitutes can be like junk food. Read the labels.
  • Eating vegetarian and avoiding blood deficiency (pale tongue, feeling cold, tired or weak). Floradix or similar supplement for blood.
  • How do you feel after eating grains and sugar? 
  • Slow Carb Diet (see link below)
  • Magic Day: eating whatever you want one day a week. 
  • Movies: The Magic Pill and That Sugar Movie (see links below)
  • Ketogenic diet – a lifestyle change.

Thought Quotes:

“Some of us just don’t have any Earth Element in us and self-care is really rough.”

“Time gets blamed for bad food choices all the time.”

“Like Oprah, I was a gluten glutton for sure.”

“Turn the Food pyramid upside down and see what shakes out of it.”

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