039 For Better Sleep… Let That Bleep Go!

Are you getting what you need in the sleep department? Are you struggling with daily bad sleep habits? Listen as we talk more about the 9 Palaces, the Health Palace, and how Sleep is important to your overall health. Health hacks and movement of Qi as well as one helpful “cheat” if you can’t get enough exercise. 

“Sleep is a time of letting go of your resistance… When you go to bed at night… you are releasing resistance and that means you get to reset your body. That reset is so essential to your overall health.“

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

  • Sleep is a critical aspect of your Health Palace
  • Strategies for better sleep:
    • Daily meditation
    • Turning off your electronics 1-2 hour before bed
    • Reading an old-school physical book
    • Making rules and boundaries around your nightly routine
    • Blocking the light in your space (covering electronic lights and black-out curtains)
    • Getting the right sleeping temperature
    • Sleeping gear that can help (especially if you’re Wood!)
    • Pericardium 8 Acu-point on your palm to help sleep
  • Why Exercise is important for your Health Palace (especially for the Woods and Waters)
    • Not exercising can cause Qi Stagnation
    • Exercise can clear stuck/toxic emotions
    • The Massage “cheat”

Thought Quotes:

“If you’re not sleeping well, you should definitely try meditation because you can get the same effects while your body is in that meditation state. Like the sleep state, you are rejuvenating… That’s why we can heal. We regenerate.”

“The body is so amazing. I always say: ‘My body knows how to do it right.’”

“I have the smart phone addiction like everyone else, and the only way I can force myself to not continuously check it by my bed is I made a little bed for it over in the other room, and I tuck it in at night, and then I go to bed.”

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