041 Show Me the Money! – The Wealth Palace

Become limitless. Wealth is a mindset of abundance. The Wealth Palace (also called the Abundance palace) can affect all the palaces. How many decisions a day do you make based on money? Does your happiness depend on how much money you have? Whether you’re rich or poor or somewhere in between, the Wealth Palace is a game of mental tug of war. What is your mindset? Stop being handcuffed by money—with either lacking or scarcity feelings–and start to find limitless resources! Wealth can also be about other resources, not just money.

“It’s not just about making money, it’s a mindset of abundance. Opening doors, breaking down obstacles. It’s a mindset of yes please!”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

  • The mindset of “yes please!” Being open to abundance
  • The obstacles we create to prevent us from true wealth
  • Fears about money can creep into your other palaces
  • How important the Wood virtue of Benevolence is to prosper in the this palace
  • The 10 Million Dollar Question
  • Why we have jobs instead of passionate careers 
  • Why the rich and poor can BOTH have Wealth Palace challenges
  • Why Waters need to be especially vigilant about over protecting resources and getting into scarcity mode
  • Wealth Affirmations! 
  • Homework: Do you have enough money right now? When is enough, enough? Do you make all your decisions everyday based on money? How many decisions?

Thought Quotes:

“Money trickles and sometimes it flows, and sometimes it’s like a tsunami. It’s a consciousness.”

“I see a penny and I pick it up because I just added to my Wealth Palace…”

Links in this Episode:

Money Master the Game, by Tony Robbins

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