049 The BIG Astrology question! Plus, other Listeners’ Q&A’s that will rock your world!

Do you have stars in your eyes? Are the Five Elements & Astrology connected? Energy vs. Astrology…the big question… Are they the same? What is the BIG difference.? Are you Fire or Water? Do you need more excitement in your life? We answer several listener questions on this Q&A podcast and talk a little about our “Happy” Season 3 which kicks off next episode!!

“We can’t say for sure what dictates our inherent nature”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

  • Why you might not want to mix Astrology and the 5 Elements unless you’re a super rock star astrologist!
  • Why it’s hard to trace what dictates our nature
  • Chinese Astrology vs. Western Astrology
  • The difference between Water and Fire Elemental excitement
  • Water intensity
  • Fire light-heartedness
  • How the top two combinations of Fire/Water or Water/Fire might be expressed differently
  • The Rebellious Chi Meditation
  • Concentrating on enjoying and deserving what you have, no matter how you’ve received it… it can happen!

Thought Quotes:

“These astrological events might be used to explain why some people feel like aliens in there own families”

“Water is much more intense and Fire is much more lighthearted”

“Enjoy things that are coming to you effortlessly”

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