050 Happy on the Way to Happiness

Do you ever feel happy but think there must be more? What is the fundamental way that each Element can find happiness inside them? Each Element has a slightly different way to achieve their maximum potential of happy. We give you our insights for each of the Five Elements that will hopefully help you create more happiness than ever before!

“What is happy for one person can be totally different for the next person.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

  • The interview coming up next with the author of “Solve For Happy,” Mo Gawdat!
  • A review of the motivations for each Element
  • His Holiness The Dalai Lama and his book, The Art of Happiness
  • What Happiness means to each Elemental Type
  • Water: Positive expectations or anticipation
  • Metal: Freedom to be in Wu Wei
  • Earth: A deep sense of inner belonging
  • Fire: The light and love inside of you
  • Wood: Engagement and peace within an activity

Thought Quotes:

“Each Elemental type has a different way to be happy.”

“Each Element is happiest when they transcend to a level of connection to the divine in their unique Elemental way.”

“As long as there is a lack of the inner discipline that brings calmness of mind, no matter what external facilities or conditions you have, they will never give you the feeling of joy and happiness that you are seeking. On the other hand, if you possess this inner quality, a calmness of mind, a degree of stability within, then even if you lack various external facilities that you would normally consider necessary for happiness it is still possible to live a happy and joyful life.”

–His Holiness the Dalai Lama, The Art of Happiness Links in this Episode:

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