060 What’s your Attitude on Gratitude?

Are you grateful? Do you see the constant good in your life? What’s your attitude on gratitude? When an Earth is at their best, they are filled with gratitude and living in the season of never-ending-harvest! So start your morning routines, get out your journals, and begin moving towards the solution, not the problem!

“Stuckness is Suckness!”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

  • Gratitude!
  • The grateful 4’s and our morning routine
  • An attitude of gratitude adjustment
  • Finding mercy for yourself
  • Harvest time of the year and the Earth Season
  • The hedgehog and complaining
  • The hedgehog challenge: can you stop complaining all day and be grateful for the things in your life?

Take the Hedgehog Challenge – No Complaining Thought Quotes:

“When you have gratitude you can have mercy on yourself.”

“A little bit of gratitude in your life is like plugging into an outlet.”

“You can find a hundred things to be grateful for about climate change, and I’m sure you can find a thousand things to complain about. Let’s focus on the hundred!”

Links in this Episode:

  • The Secret Movie
  • Abraham Hicks – She was in The Secret! Abraham affirmation techniques are powerful ways to create change in life. Abraham speaks to us through Esther Hicks.

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