080 What Makes Your Life Magical?

Embrace the magic of the mystery of your life. Take a journey with Leta and Jaye through the Mystery Gate with Season 5 of the Inspired Action Podcast. This episode explores new beginnings and new directions.

“Being an Alchemist is really about how can you live your life authentically, with the freedom to do what’s right for you, with the ability to live like a child in terms of not taking a lot of the past into the present everyday, so you can be free to experience what you want to experience. An Alchemist is trying to evolve themselves so they can truly fly in their lives and live their true potential.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

  • Season 5 – going through Alchemy step by step
  • What are all the ingredients you need to think about to become an Alchemist?
  • Who are you? Ask the question “Who am I” in a very deep way. (See link to guided meditation below)
  • The mystery – are you willing to take the step to look inside yourself?
  • The Nine Stages of Alchemy – a roadmap to how to spiritually evolve as a human being

Thought Quotes:

“Everyone needs to know this stuff. And that’s always been the driving force behind this podcast.”

“Your curriculum means you came to fulfill certain things in this lifetime.”

“The Alchemy is the fairy dust that brings the magic to life–that makes life magical.”

Links in this Episode:

Through the Mystery Gate book


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