Five Element Fridays Water Goal Setting – 5EF5

Water is POWERFUL! Their stamina and ambition are unstoppable when achieving goals if they can learn to harness their energy effectively. But what happens if they freeze?? Tap into the Wood inside you or even a Wood friend to help you get moving!

“We need to tap into our Water to get bleep done!â€

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram In this Pod, we talked about:

  • The Water superpowers of stamina and ambition
  • Water’s biggest challenge
  • The amazing Water marathon runner Courtney Dauwalter!
  • How Water can wait too long, or even freeze!
  • How Water can find the Wood to help them!

Thought Quotes:

“Another strength of Water is being patient. They’ll wait for the right moment, and sometimes that right moment won’t come for a long time.”

“Wood and Water work really well together. It’s the drive and the strategy!”

“The cure for any Water woes are getting out of your head and getting in the present moment.”

Links in this Episode: Courtney Dauwalter – The ultimate Water stamina!

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