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Do you have what it takes to play on the A-Team? Do you like to fly under the radar in your life? Are you the cheering section or big motivator in your circle of friends and family?  Yes, to any of these could be a sign that you have the Wood Element (in the Five Elements) in your energetic make up. By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram Have you mastered the Art of War as the Art of Peace? “What’s the point if it’s not challenging?”  In our conversation this week we talk about:

  • Wood likes to sometimes fly under the radar – avoiding attention
  • Wood is strategic – like the General of the Armed Forces of ancient times
  • Wood needs to be engaged and not bored on a daily basis
  • Wood is results oriented and goal-centric
  • When Wood is off, they can be frustrated and even “mean”
  • The Happy Penguin walk / march
  • Wood-Boring eyes
  • The “Do What I Want Now” voice
  • Dreaming big — the bigger the better
  • Holding the big vision


Thought Quotes: “Wood loves good competition, likable and friendly. It’s about strategizing, motivating, outthinking, out maneuvering anyone. It’s in a nice way. Definitely not a seek and destroy or by any means necessary way. It’s civilized, polite, and nice… (ish).” “Thinking outside the box — we’ll create a whole new box if we have to.”

“Wood loves to be advocates for anyone who can’t help themselves. Animals or people.”

“It’s all time management. If I value time, and it’s either an hour standing in line or an hour going back to what I was doing, I’ll pick the most efficient, quickest way possible… but in a nice way.” Links in this Episode:


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