090 Alchemy for Earth: Center of the You-niverse

Alchemy for Earth people is about overcoming the sense of invalidation to recover the sense of wonderment in the world.

“You’re not afraid of the truth! You love the truth, but the darkness for you is filled with untruths.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram What do Earths fear?

  • What are the monsters in the dark for Earth?
  • Invalidation or being ignored
  • Untruths and liars
  • Fear of not belonging to family or community

Thought Quotes:

“There’s an innocence and wonder that belongs to Earth, and there’s this trust in goodness and truth.”

“So as much as you Earths want to examine yourselves and get to your own truths, I do know that slow and steady wins the race here.”

“Maybe you had a lovely mother. You worshipped her, but now you see that she’s just a liar.”

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Through the Mystery Gate book


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