091 Hello Darkness My Old Friend: Alchemy for Metal

Are your monsters your friends or foes? Alchemy for Metal people is like the children’s book Where the Wild Things Are… where the ultimate lesson is to not only confront your demons but to embrace them and be friends with them.

“Metals in general have a permeable boundary… meaning that things infiltrate their exterior really easily. We call this having clouds on the outside.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram What do Metals fear?

  • Metals are attracted to dark things… dark humor, the macabre, life after death.
  • They’re easily affected by the outside world.
  • They may have fear of being overtaken and lost.
  • They’re fascinated with old things and history.
  • Hang onto old hurts and potentially harboring anger.
  • Forgiveness is the advanced virtue of Metal.
  • Freedom is the goal.

Thought Quotes:

“Harboring these gripes against people from your past ties you down. They’re shackles on your ankles. They’re the ballasts that keep you from flying on your magic carpet ride in life.There’s an innocence and wonder that belongs to Earth, and there’s this trust in goodness and truth.”

“Metal just wants to be free. Free to roam. Free to be who they truly are and not have to fit into society’s rules about social politeness and niceness.”

“Real forgiveness is truly letting go and, what’s even harder, truly forgetting.”

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