093 You want WHAT?!

Can you ask yourself what you REALLY want and not what everyone else wants you to want? The answer is not necessarily logical… it’s your heart’s desire.

“In the big scheme of things, Alchemy isn’t about what you truly want. It’s bigger than that. But it’s our wanting, our lusting, our striving that gets in the way of doing our Alchemy. So if we have that longing, it’s going to interfere with our ability to fly free in life.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram What do you REALLY want?

  • The second step of Stage One of Alchemy – ask deeper questions – what do you REALLY want?
  • What is your curriculum of this lifetime (the Nine Palaces)
  • Immortality
  • The story of meeting an immortal
  • Asking the question without being influenced by your family, friends, coworkers or society in general
  • What kinds of things does each Element want?

Thought Quotes:

“The longing is really clinging to something that we can’t seem to fulfill.”

“It’s ironic actually that the thing we want most is best achieved when we stop wanting it so badly and start allowing it.”

“You can think of it as your destiny. You came to have the experience.”

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