094 What WOOD you want?

What do Woods really want? What are they really looking for? They want to do great things that leave the world a better place. Woods need to do great things and want these things to benefits others. But what if no one recognizes what they’re doing? Can they recognize their own greatness?

“Recognition… It’s that feeling that there’s a reward for all your hard work… like someone is seeing the greatness of Wood. It’s the constant , unwavering pursuit of greatness… but what’s the point of making something great if all your friends and loved ones aren’t better off for it?”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram What does Wood REALLY want?

  • What does Wood really want? Recognition!
  • Someone sees your greatness and benefits from it
  • How to avoid the “Why Bother” syndrome if you’re Wood
  • It’s humble… it’s what we all think will make the world a better place
  • They love to be motivated and love to motivate others. They’re always looking for ways to improve
  • The Oracle – all-knowing, future-telling knack and why Steve Jobs had it
  • Jaye’s Gravel Biking obsession
  • Crypto-currency and why Woods love it
  • Wealth and Health – the palaces of the Wood Element – Wood needs optimal resources and physical wellness to accomplish great things.

Thought Quotes:

“The big Win-Win is everyone is happy and that makes the Wood person happy.”

“It certainly doesn’t feel like greatness if at the end of the day it feels like big a waste of time… it’s the challenge of the defeated Wood.”

“How does a Wood measure greatness? A giant yard stick! A Shrek-sized yard stick!”

“The more good you do, the less recognition you need.”

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