096 Digging Deeper to Find the Center of the Earths

Searching for Truth, Harmony, and Belonging among the rubble….When you ask yourself what you really want and the first things you think about is everyone else you care about… you may be Earth! But can you put aside everyone else’s needs to discover what you really want?

“When we use the word HOME in this podcast, we’re talking about… anything that gives a person a sense of belonging.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram What does Earth REALLY want?

  • What does Earth really want? Deeper understanding of themselves and the people in their lives!
  • The Home Palace – it’s about belonging and spiritual connection
  • When the focus is on others – those who are struggling
  • When Earth is depleted – Earth crisis
  • Seeking Peace of Mind
  • Pursuing deeper realizations and the power of THOUGHT
  • Why Earths make great pyschologists
  • Relax your mind and let your heart give you the answer to your What Do I Really Want question

Thought Quotes:

“It’s resolved. That feeling like, “Yup, we dug deep, we worked it out, and now we can move on.” That’s what drives them. That feels like success.”

“Put aside this very strong desire for your loved ones to be well. Let’s make it hypothetical. Let’s say you already have your wish that your family members all have peace and harmony – now, let’s have you ask the question – What do YOU really want – for yourself, deep down.”

“Let your analytical mind relax a bit… don’t think, and let the answers arise from deep inside yourself, from a place beyond mind.”

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