097 Metal: The Art of Wanting to Want Nothing

What do Metals really want? They may want a fancy new car, an amazing trip around the world, or the perfect romance, but deep down they want to be free from attachment and ultimately let go of wanting altogether. In this episode, we will discuss Metal’s desire to grasp the ineffable and of course their ability to see the shenanigans going on all around them!

“It’s like they’re just sitting back in their lazy-boy chair, watching the rest of us go through all our machinations… and they just see it for what it really is — a bunch of shenanigans.”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram What does Metal REALLY want?

  • Metal has the ability to “see through” other people
  • Metals want – nothing. When you’re living in the Dao, how can you want anything?
  • You exit into life and enter into death. Metals live in-between
  • Metals have no boundary of time and space
  • Metal Movies: Nomadland, Call Me By Your Name, Lost in Translation, Wings of Desire, the Tree of Life, and The Fountain
  • Metals want to fly free on their magic carpet rides but at the same time have deep connection
  • To answer the What Do I Really Want Question, Metals have to imagine they have no obligations and then ask the question

Thought Quotes:

“Nothing really matters – to me!”

“It’s like Steve Jobs took the best of Wood and their love of gadgetry and combined it with the best of Metal and their love of clean lines and beautiful design, and built a company on those high values –  and what a success that was!”

“To want nothing… in Daoism, well, that just means you’re living in the Dao. How can you even have a want from that place?.”

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