100 – This is Where the Magic (of the Heart) Happens 

This is where the magic happens. Our first episode for Season Six, which is all about the heart, explains how the magic of the heart happens and what we can do to improve our heart magic.

“What is the magic of the heart, and is it for everyone, not just for healers?”

By Jaye McElroy and Leta Herman | Follow: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram https://chrt.fm/track/5E3D1B/traffic.libsyn.com/inspiredactionpodcast/IAP-100.mp3 Exploring the Heart of the Matter

  • What and Where is the Void of the Heart?
  • Heart Entrainment and the Magic of Healing
  • The mystery of the heart is not meant to be understood on a logical “mind” level
  • Some (most) of us have some Heart Pains we carry around which cause us emotional blocks
  • Untangling the Tentacles of the Heart
  • Self Love and Forgiveness – deep self inquiry and Alchemy can help with this
  • Reclaiming and rewriting the stories we tell about our hearts, asking what the heart wants and needs
  • Allowing self-recognition as a first step and taking your time

Thought Quotes:

“In Chinese medicine we believe a person’s spirit lives in that space inside the heart where the blood flows through. So a healer has to be able to access the void of a person’s heart in order to create the magic of all healing.”

“So you have to…train to entrain to un-train…just get on the train! Just get on the magic heart train!“

“Forgiveness isn’t about freeing them; it’s about freeing YOU.”

Links in this Episode:

Through the Mystery Gate book


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